Caring for your jewellery: A Jewellery Care Guide

Caring for your jewellery: A Jewellery Care Guide

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Have you ever looked at your jewellery and wonder why they aren’t their sparkling selves anymore? Not like the day you purchased them? The answer to this is easy really – your jewellery needs a proper cleaning. Knowing how to take care and clean your jewellery will keep them sparkling for longer, and last for generations to come. However, when it comes to taking care of your jewellery, things can become confusing.

Knowing the gemstones and metals your jewelleries are made of is the first step. Each metal and each gemstone have their own guides and care instructions. With just a quick google search, all the information is at your fingertips. Yet, beyond the specifics of each metal and gemstone type (and there are many), some general tips can be provided. This blog is here to help you. Here are some general tips and guides to keep in mind when caring for your jewellery.


The better you store your jewellery, the longer you can go between cleanings, and they will last longer as well. When storing your jewellery, it is important to keep them away from humidity. Humidity speeds up tarnish and more frequent cleanings will be required. Similarly, if jewellery is kept together on top of each other, the contact between metal and metal and gemstones (and the accumulative weight) will start to leave scratch marks and damage your jewellery in the long run. Keep your jewellery separate from each other using the boxes and bags many jewelleries are bought in. This will reduce the embracive action between the metals and gemstones and ensure your jewellery lasts longer. Keeping them in separate holders will also increase the periods between cleanings, as free-flowing air can also increase tarnish (so keep an eye on those display pieces).


Jewellery is meant to be worn, and life if meant to be lived. However, keep in mind to match your jewellery with your activities. Many jewelleries should not be worn when going for a swim or a shower. Although some jewellery show tarnish slower than others (for example sterling silver), both these water-based activities increase tarnish on all untreated jewellery, and in some cases; with gemstones; can cause irreversible damage. If you do wear jewellery, like stud earrings, into the shower, remember to remove them regularly and give them a proper cleaning. However, the most important part here is: live your life, just accessorise accordingly.


Arguably the most important step in jewellery care; and the one mostly skipped. Cleaning jewellery ensures that they last longer, look brighter and shine more, and only need to occur every few months. Softly rubbing the jewellery with a polishing cloth can remove many tarnishes and polish your jewellery at the same time. If the tarnish is a little more tough to remove with just the polishing cloth, a light hand bath with warm water and gentle, colourless, fragrant free soap with no moisturiser, could do the trick. Just ensure to use a soft cloth or soft brush in the wash, give a good rinse with clean water, pat dry, and leave uncovered to dry quickly (and store appropriately). If the soap wash doesn’t seem to work, or a deeper cleaning is required, you can look into ultrasonic cleaners and silver dip (for silver only). However, note, both of these methods can damage some metals and gemstones, so be sure to know your metals and gemstones before use. Similarly, soft gemstones can also be damaged within the water bath. If these cases, or if you are unsure, a professional jewellery cleaner should be contacted and trusted for a proper cleaning. In summary, start with a soft polishing cloth, and when in doubt, reach out to a professional.

At the end of it all, taking care of your jewellery is no brainteaser. Who doesn’t want long lasting, sparking jewellery? With proper care and cleaning, your jewellery will be with you for a long time, gathering memories with you, and perhaps even become heirlooms! Once you have the basics down, its an easy process to follow. Use this article as a starting point and you will always have gorgeous, clean, and shiny jewellery for any occasion life throws at you.

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